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Cultural Treasures Slated for Destruction

Here’s a filmmaker’s take on giant energy projects targeting the Mojave Desert. Because these projects necessarily have to scrape bare hundreds, even thousands, of acres of fragile desert land, the Mojave, says Robert Lundahl, could become “a world-class sand-transport laboratory.”

“Plants hold sand in place,” he reminds us, and “when plants are removed, ancient sands begin to travel.” He notes that the public agencies responsible for the DRECP seem to have ignored this simple fact.

While the DRECP transforms the desert into an industrial zone, it might well be creating a dust bowl as well.

They also take a toll on American Indian cultural sites. “The justification for siting over 200 industrial facilities across this remote region, characterized by pristine ecosystems and thousands of years of American Indian culture and antiquities seemed specious,” writes Lundahl, “as Germany added 500 MW a month of renewable energy on rooftops and parking lots, close to where it would be used.

Read Lundahl’s reflective story here:

The Importance of Simple Things