Save our Desert – Write letters NOW!

The fight against large-scale renewable energy projects is entering a new phase. When the DRECP comes out (it’s due any day), it is likely to insist on a master plan to place Big Renewables all over the desert and mountain ridgelines. The DRECP seems to think that Lucerne Valley is particularly ripe for lots of new projects.

Powerful forces are behind the DRECP. However, the people of the desert have the power of the Voice and the Vote. It’s time we use both.

Two of San Bernardino County’s five supervisors have already officially come out against the North Peak Wind Project. This is because their constituents spoke up. Now let’s tell all five supervisors that we don’t want the deserts and mountains of San Bernardino County to be the dumping ground for other big projects like North Peak. These elected officials will listen—if we speak loudly, clearly, and in large numbers.

Below is a link to a list of names and addresses of key officials you can contact. In your own words, you can express your feelings about one or more of the following topics, and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. There’s power in numbers!

  1. No utility-scale renewable energy projects in our desert! There are so many viable options that will save our desert instead of scar it irreparably.
  2. No wind turbines, which will destroy property values. People live and play in the desert for its beauty, and there is no beauty in transmission stations and wind turbine farms.
  3. Ratepayers should not be burdened with the enormous cost of the Coolwater-Lugo transmission project, while Southern California Edison profits—and the project may in fact never be needed!
  4. Today California has almost reached the goal of 33% renewable energy six years ahead of the 2020 target date, so these projects are not even necessary.
  5. Wind turbines create no-fly zones for firefighting airplanes, so they jeopardize our lives and property.
  6. Rooftop solar and other site-specific alternatives are an excellent source of energy with few of the economic and ecological disadvantages of utility-scale projects in the desert.
  7. The local fragile habitat and endangered wildlife should not be threatened by these projects when there are so many alternative locations where they could be placed. One highly placed CPUC official has announced that much of the state of California is ideal for solar projects—and many of those locations are close to existing utility lines.
  8. Lucerne Valley and other supposed “Development Focus Areas” in the desert should not be considered “disturbed lands” just because people live there!

NOW is the time to WALK THE TALK and write. More than ever, THIS IS OUR TIME TO EXPRESS OUR OPPOSITION—while our elected officials are listening!

Here are addresses for your elected officials.

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