Postcard From Juniper Flats

One of the beauties of Juniper Flats: many of its most special places have no names. Maps are a little sketchy. Wildness prevails. Landforms that would be tourist attractions in a national park are utterly anonymous in Juniper Flats.

Locals will use terms like “third canyon over from the water tank.” Or they just make up names. Some call the lush canyon shown here Elderberry Canyon. It’s a close cousin to Arrastre Canyon, and like its nearby bigger neighbor is characterized by seeps and springs. Such spots are vital to desert wildlife, and, as you can see, promote the growth of abundant plant life.

It’s just one of countless special places in Juniper Flats. Whatever you want to call it, it needs protection. It needs to be added to the National Landscape Conservation System so that no developer can ever destroy it.

 Click here to sign the petition to designate Juniper Flats as National Conservation Land.


  1. Anthony Rigoni

    I believe that the Juniper Flats should be added to the National Landscape Conservation System in order to help protect this special area for future generations of explorers and adventurers.

    Thank You

    1. Sabra Chili

      Thank you, Anthony. We continue to work toward protecting the beautiful high desert.

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