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BIG Bump in the Road for Coolwater-Lugo

Southern California Edison has long pleaded that it needed its proposed Coolwater-Lugo Transmission Project so that the Mojave Solar Project could reach “full deliverability.” Only problem: Now CAISO—the body in charge of planning for California’s transmission needs—says that Mojave Solar can reach full deliverability without Coolwater-Lugo.

That’s not all. CAISO reports that some old generating units are going off-line, letting even more air out of the Coolwater-Lugo balloon.

Now what? The California Public Utilities Commission has hinted strongly that it will dismiss SCE’s application for approval of Coolwater-Lugo, leaving the door open for re-filing later on. The Alliance for Desert Preservation, along with just about everyone else other than SCE and CAISO, have filed comments saying, in essence: By all means dismiss this thing! Stay tuned, as we expect the CPUC to come down with a decision within just a few days.

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